Top 10 Best And Responsive WordPress Themes 2018

- March 25, 2018



Want to see some of the best wordpress themes for 2018? In this video, ill share you with some of the best wordpress themes that i have found. I went scouring the internet, buying and trying themes, and i really felt that many of these themes deserved a top spot in my top 10 list. Want to check out some of these wordpress themes? You can find them below!

TOP 10 BEST WORDPRESS THEMES FOR 2018 ( May Change Later)

10. Extra Theme –
(Full tutorial Here –
9. Thrive Architect –
8. Business Lounge Theme –
7. Marketify Theme –
6. Newspaper 8 Theme –
5. Onshine Theme –
4. Bryte Theme –
3. Massive Dynamic Theme –
2. Flatsome Theme – ( Full tutorial here –
1. Divi Theme –
( Full tutorial here –
If you want to try some free themes, you can go to my other video!

Let me know what you think about these wordpress themes, of course, as time goes on, these themes can be either better or worse, but for now, i think these themes are worth your time!

For more tutorials like this or to learn how to make a wordpress website, feel free to visit my website at

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Comments (83)

  • Hi Darrel,

    Just came across your great videos about wordpress, I absolutely love the channel. I will definitely be watching more from you.

    I' currently looking to redevelop my current website to make it look more professional and clean. I am currently using themify ultra for the site. I am stuck whether I should redevelop using the themify ultra or change to one of your recommendations, Divi, Onshine or massive dynamic.... I mainly use the website as a marketing tool but I am also going to start selling on it as well. Any advice would be appreciated.

    OAS - 2 weeks ago

  • what is the name of plugin which is shown in your DIVI theme side bar social icons ?

    Ashraful Karim - 2 weeks ago

  • what about storefront pro?

    PaweĊ‚ A - 2 weeks ago

  • thanks a bunch, very helpful. Awesome job.

    Julian Reyes - 3 weeks ago

  • I want to sell my education video course through my own website. Which Web hosting site best for me? Which type of hosting Shared or cloud I choose? I live in India. Please suggest me. Can you give your email address please?

    Indrajit Ganguly - 3 weeks ago

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