Should you learn WordPress in 2018?

- March 25, 2018



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Comments (107)

  • I’ve only been watching your videos for just a few days now, but everything I’ve seen so far has been great. I’m signing up for your web development course now too.

    TokyoXtreme - 1 month ago

  • thanks Stef for the encouragement!, a lot of people who would like to get a better job appreciate it

    pyroghost11 - 1 month ago

  • As a person who's tried wordpress before from a non-developer standpoint, it felt really bullky, chalky, and difficult to use (and being I didn't build it from the ground up I didn't feel it was truly mine). But as an aspiring web developer, I think it's something I could get into as it would give me more control over the look and feel of it.

    William Kidd Jr. - 1 month ago

  • Even if I saw your video for a long time I can't get a decent job, I'm stuck doing WordPress silly things for cheap clients. WordPress is too cheap, nobody wants to pay for a website in WordPress, it's all drag and drop stuff, you don't even need to be a developer, all clients wants cheap websites install plugin and it's all done, now it's even more easy with wix and squarespace, nobody cares about clean code and developers principles in my area. I'm broke and web dev is not going to change my life for the better I guess. Laravel jobs are too hard, you need to to have a lot of competence and a CS degree or the companies don't even consider your resume, MVC framework expertise, composer expertise, mysql expertise and so on. They want OOP experts, oop it's really hard to learn, you need years only to master the basics and you're just scratching the surface of it. Some years ago I thought I could be a developer but now I don't.

    Iacopo Cutino - 1 month ago

  • wisdom at 1:28

    Amazology - 1 month ago

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