Should you learn WordPress in 2018?

- March 25, 2018



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Comments (107)

  • What i like about wordpress is, it is a quick and easy website to throw up. Albeit it can seem bland, but they do the job. What about Joomla though?

    OAS Academy - 1 week ago

  • Hi Stefan, a question from a rookie on Wordpress: Can you share a link on how to move your domain from one hosting company to another? thanks

    Richard Burns - 2 weeks ago

  • Удачи Вам во всем!!

    Joe Henley - 2 weeks ago

  • To me, Wordpress is garbage, but I also think Microsoft Windows and Android devices are garbage. It's because I hate how open sourced technology requires more setup and can lead to a chaos of compatibility issues to crash your site. Other people love the flexibility open-source gives them and think the setup time (or learning curve) is negligible in comparison. Therefore, learn Wordpress in 2018 if you need the multitude of third-party plugins/themes and the freedom to do whatever the hell you want, or if you want to work with and develop sites for people who do.

    Montaz Meah II - 3 weeks ago

  • of course you should

    tzlil tutorials - 4 weeks ago

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