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This video will look at the process of registering a domain name with the domain registrar The video not only looks at how to register a domain name, but it also looks at the DNS components on the internet that make the whole process work.

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Information about top level domains are kept on trusted DNS servers on the internet. Top level domains are domains like .com, .edu and .au. With the expanding internet, certain trusted domain name registering companies have the ability to make changes to the DNS server holding these top level domains. When a domain name is registered, the DNS registrar has the ability to make changes to these top level domain servers on your behalf. If you have registered the domain name, the DNS records for this domain name will need to be stored somewhere. Typically the DNS zone records will be stored on DNS servers that are owned by the DNS registrar. In the zone file the user can add DNS records like the location of their web server or e-mail server. In a lot of cases, the domain registrar will be able to provide these services. When this occurs, the DNS registrar will automatically update the DNS records on their DNS server so they point to their services. In some cases, the user may have their own DNS servers and want to host the DNS zone files on these servers. If this is the case, the DNS zone can be created or moved on a different DNS server. Remember that there must always be at least 2 DNS servers hosting the DNS zone at any one time. In order to do this, the registrar will make changes to the top level DNS server hosting the .com zone to indicate a different DNS server is holding the zone. These changes can take 24 to 48 hours to complete.

Demonstration registering a domain name
1) To register a domain name, open the web site Enter in the domain name that you want to register and GoDaddy will perform a check to make sure that domain name is available to be registered.
2) If the domain name that you wish to register has already been registered, GoDaddy will show some alternative domain names that are available. In some cases, some domain names will be listed for auction. These have already been registered, however you can buy them from the owner.
3) When you find a domain name that you want to register, you next need to add it your cart. When this happens, you will also get some additional options, listed below.
Domain only: This will register only the domain name and is the cheapest option.
Privacy Protection: This will prevent someone from reading who the domain name is registered to. If they attempt to read who the domain name is registered to they will be given the details of the registrar instead. The person will need to go through the registrar in order to contact the person who registered the domain name.
Privacy and Business Protection: This gives the domain name additional protection. For example, when the domain name expires that domain will not be available to be registered for another year. This also gives you the privacy option given with the option Privacy Protection.
4) Once you have the domain or domain names that you want to register you can select the check out option. In the case of GoDaddy, it will then give you the option to add additional packages. For example, you can add additional web hosting or e-mail. The advantage of using their web hosting or e-mail is that DNS will automatically be updated to point to these services. If you use services like these on different severs, you will need to manually modify the DNS records on the DNS servers to point to the servers that are holding these services.
5) The next screen you can configured how long you want to register the domain name for. There is also an option for a promo code. If you have one of these codes you can enter it in here and get the domain name for less money. Once you are happy with your choices, select the option to proceed to check out.
6) The next screen you will need to login with your GoDaddy username and password. If you are not already registered, you will need to register with GoDaddy before you will be able to register the domain name. If you register as a new user, you will need to enter in a pin. It is important to remember what this pin is as GoDaddy support will ask for this pin.

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  • Go Daddy are squatters and will always be!

    DXSW - 2 weeks ago

  • If you want to buried in SPAM use GODADDY. Nearly all of the SPAM domains I receive are registered with Godaddy. Are they selling your email address? AND THEY REFUSE TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. Every time I receive SPAM for a domain registered by Godaddy, I will post this message.

    Brillo Pad - 1 month ago

  • If you want to buried in SPAM use GODADDY. Nearly all of the SPAM domains I receive are registered with Godaddy. Are they selling your email address? AND THEY REFUSE TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT.

    Brillo Pad - 1 month ago

  • ITFreeTraining is the biggest source of free videos. Thank you guys for the great effort you put in sharing your knowledge.

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  • Crystal clear demo & explanation. Kudos!

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