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- March 25, 2018



Triadex’s Postcard Marketing will significantly increase your sales and brand awareness. We successfully manage thousands of marketing programs and tens of millions of postcards across multiple industries each and every year. Nothing works better than a postcard campaign created by experts who love helping our clients grow their businesses! In some cases, our postcard marketing redemption rates have reached well over 40%!

Triadex plastic postcard marketing, also known as “pop out gift cards” or “pop out plastic postcards”, stand out. National retailers and restaurants have seen redemption rates soar when a discount gift card is used as part of a direct mail piece. The key to any direct mail program is to get your prospect’s attention and have the person act on your offer. Plastic postcard marketing can do just that.

Features & Benefits:

Our plastic postcard marketing programs generate new customers at the LOWEST cost per lead!
There is no envelope to open: your offer is noticed immediately by the prospective customer.
We handle everything from start to finish and give you the freedom to stay focused on your business.
Unlike regular paper postcards, our durable plastic postcards can easily be placed in a wallet for future use.
Our new and unique design is the thickest piece allowed in the mail stream, ensuring your offer will stand out.
We are able to track buyer demographic information that will increase the ROI and profit on your future mailings.
Full color digital printing ensures high-quality images.
Every plastic postcard can be uniquely addressed to the prospective customer for a personalized feel.

Along with being a great way to showcase your company’s products and services, our trifold postcard marketing you can dramatically improve your company’s ROI.

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  • Anytime I get post cards like this they go right in the trash.  I'm sure some people look at them though.

    Todd Jumper - 15 months ago

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