Postcard & Letters marketing HACK for Real Estate Investors & Realtors

- March 25, 2018



Postcard & Letters: Marketing HACK

Learn the trick of spending the least amount of money in mail marketing, while receiving the Max Return On Your Investment!

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42 Proven FREE Techniques To Get You Massive Flood Of Seller Leads

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Comments (17)

  • that beard though 💪

    James D. Buzzard - 12 months ago

  • I am looking for cell phone numbers of homeowners....did you say you have access to them...appreciate your videos....very informative...good luck with your homeless journey...

    Bruce - 16 months ago

  • Ok, let's say you are selling a single family house for $100K. How much do you pay for closing or what's the average closing cost, what's the list of costs? Do you have a web program to make your estimation of these costs, depending of your sellings? And, linked to the closing costs: do you have a personal pre-equity in your mind when you buy a property in order to evoid a small margin of amount (ex: I'm not buying this property unless I will get a 30/40/50% equity)?

    Danny Reo - 19 months ago

  • Thank-you for your answer, I get the point now! When your time permits, can you detail the wholesaling closing costs with an example? Appreciate your work and respect for answering the comms!

    Danny Reo - 19 months ago


    Victor Popov - 19 months ago

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