LIVE: COLD CALL a social media marketing client – Cold Call Sports Bar restaurant

- March 25, 2018



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  • Go Rays!

    Facts5 - 6 days ago

  • Hi there. Our company uses SEO it eventually replace a clients paid ads. If a potential client asks what about their current Google Ads account, should tell them to continue using it until results come in from our efforst or ask for the login so we can manage it. Alot of business owners might be turned off by giving the login to their Google Ads right?

    Elaine M. - 1 week ago

  • Your tonality isn't great buddy. is there a reason for that or u didn't know??

    Julian Mazirhx - 2 months ago

  • bet that pizza was fucking charcoal lol

    Zt Bang - 3 months ago

  • Get your pizza dude

    Will D. Cunningham - 4 months ago

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