How to Make a Parallax WordPress Website – AMAZING!

- March 25, 2018



Learn how to create a website in WordPress – step by step in under 2 hours! Perfect for complete beginners or future web developers.
No skills/special software required! Demo website: ***GET THIS VIDEO TO 12500 LIKES!***

Free Theme Download:
Free Images Download:

Ultimate Website Resources:
Get a Logo for $5:

In this free parallax website tutorial, I show you step by step how to make an amazing parallax wordpress website. It uses a Drag n Drop builder allowing anyone to build and complete their websites in a few hours!


Introduction 0:00
Overview 5:56

Domain & Hosting 7:53
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Install WordPress 11:28 (having trouble navigating?
Configure Basic Settings 13:52
Install Theme 16:27

Add Pages & Custom Menu Links 19:00
Set Static Home Page 23:09
Configure Themify Settings 24:13
(Layouts/Header/Footer/Easy Google Fonts)
Add Social Links 27:57

Logo/Header/Main Nav/Footer Styling 30:22
10 Tips Everyone Needs to Know 33:22

Build Homepage

Row #1 – Hero Image 43:43
Row #2 – Quote 1:01:20
Row# 3 – About 1:04:00
Row# 4 – Services 1:08:40
Row #5 – Gallery 1:12:48
Row #6 – Video 1:16:10
Row #7 – Blog (Add Blog Posts/Widgets & Styling) 1:19:00
Row # 8 – Contact 1:30:25
Row #9 – Map 1:34:10


Set Sticker Header Styling 1:37:00
Set in Row Anchors (Important) 1:37:44
Make Website

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  • If this video helped you in anyway, please subscribe/thumbs up :) it helps me to continue making these videos for you guys! I really appreciate it! Any Questions/Problems - Make sure to check out the FAQ:
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    Please Re-download theme from description (Ultra version 1.6.3) which is compatible with wordpress 4.7 and Update following these steps: (settings will remain after re-activation of theme). Hope that helps! :)

    Email me at with your URL, username and password - If you have any installation/builder/customizer not functioning problems.

    Hogan Chua - 19 months ago

  • This was a great video. Built my website using this video and I love the neat design tips that you provide! Thank you. Here is the website I created

    nikhil das - 0 days ago

  • Hi Hogan, thanks for this great tutorial. It really taught me a lot of things. The only issue I stumbled upon is the google maps API. I got the API key from Google. However, after pasting the API key, the maps is still invisible. I get: "Oops! Something went wrong. This page didn't load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details." Do you by any chance know how to fix this? Thanks :)

    DonSina - 1 days ago

  • Easiest way to add application form for employment?

    Kirsten Markham - 1 days ago

  • Hi Hogan, based on your video i note that you untick the "domain privacy protection" checkbox. Just wanted to understand further if this is actually needed/recommended or how is my domain info protected without ticking the "domain privacy protection" checkbox?

    yjiaxian - 1 days ago

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