How To Cold Call Social Media Marketing Clients and Get Meetings !!

- March 25, 2018



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In This Video I am going to tell you how to cold call social media marketing clients and get meeting !!!

I will break down my strategy and script and show you how to effectively cold call social media marketing clients and get meetings within under a minute.

Things to remember :
Save the pitching for the meeting
Be confident clear and concise with what you say
Disarm them
Tell them how you can help them and what you do
Ask for the meeting within 40 seconds of speaking to them !!

If you execute these steps you will become a beast at cold calling and getting meetings with social media marketing clients !

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Comments (53)

  • Love your fucking content lad

    Kevin Hernandez - 1 week ago

  • Ollie , what if the business is miles and miles away that you cannot set up a physical meeting .

    Corey Douglas - 2 weeks ago

  • Anybody have any tips for me? I want to get my first client, but i have no data to show for myself simply because i haven't had any clients yet. What do i do???

    Samuel Marconett - 2 weeks ago

  • i was your 5200th subscriber lmao

    TheLxstPariah - 3 weeks ago

  • What if they are your first client? You obviously can’t say “I’ve helped a bunch of businesses.” So, what’s the alternative? Thanks

    John Lester - 4 weeks ago

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