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- March 25, 2018



Exitus Elite postcard marketing system now available exclusively through Team Alliance. Watch today’s video for full details…

This week we added a complete postcard marketing system for our Exitus Elite team. This probably isn’t a surprise to many of my followers as I’ve crushed my income goals in my other business with postcards. It only made sense to add the same, valuable system for this business as well.

Learn More: http://ee.brandonfrye.biz

Postcard marketing has consistently helped me to reach multiple six-figure incomes within my businesses and I’m super excited to be adding this for Exitus. In most companies though, you usually have to have a pretty high conversion rate in order to reach a decent ROI (return on investment). But with Exitus Elite, if you ONLY got 1 sale out of 1,000 postcards, you’d still be at a minimum doubling your money on every single mailing. And that’s only a .1% conversion rate, or 1/10 of a percent!

With our postcards we typically see between a 1% and 1.5% conversion to sales. So I’m super stoked to see the results with this system we’ve put together. Our mailing lead list that we’ve been using over the last 2 years has consistently produced results thanks to the company that we’ve connected with. They know exactly the type of prospects we want to reach and use our metrics to build a lead list from their database that converts. One of those very important metrics is that these prospects have bought into a home-based business before. In other words, they’re more than qualified.

If you’re interested in postcard marketing for the Exitus Elite business, feel free to reach out to me with any questions. However, if you’ve already joined Exitus with another team I will not be able to provide you with any resources for direct mailing. We must keep our resources private and exclusive, for our team only.

Learn More: http://ee.brandonfrye.biz

Brandon Frye
Team Alliance Co-Founder

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  • thumbs up.... can you see my channel and give me some feedback please... :)

    rio adu - 17 months ago

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