Cold Calling Potential Clients – Tai Lopez SMMA

- March 25, 2018



Digital marketing course:

here are two sales books that I recommend to improve your sales skills

great book for cold calling: (amazon affiliate link)

Cold Calling 4 Potential clients – Tai Lopez SMMA

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  • I like watching this boy😂

    Samar's Gadgets World - 7 months ago

  • I been doing cold calls for many years. I admire your effort but dont ever ask the gatekeeper how u doing?? They know you dont mean that. You need a script in front of u this will help you not fumble.

    Gerson Estrada - 1 days ago

  • Why you saying leads prospects "clients" in first place lol

    Samar's Gadgets World - 1 month ago

  • Bro you are a joke . First of all your English is horrible . You sound horrible on your pitch your voice is way off. You don't sound even like you know what you are selling . Get your money back bro and take a boat back to Dominican

    G dice pains - 5 months ago

  • Love the video man like everyone said keep grinding I closed my first $1k a month client last month , it was pretty simple, I have a video on my channel that explain everything to all my mistakes lol don't make the same mistakes I did

    Nick Dillahunt - 8 months ago

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