Actual Live Phone Sales Call – Replay

- March 25, 2018



Watch an actual live phone sales call done the right way in this short but powerful video sales training.

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Have you ever wanted to see what a proper phone sales call should look like?

Most salespeople make mistakes in their prospecting calls simply because they’ve never actually seen it done the RIGHT way.

Well, I filmed a reenactment of a real cold prospecting call that I had made recently. You will notice how I am not smooth or polished, but rather, I aim to come off as totally authentic. I am also totally unfazed by any pushback from the prospect. You’ve got to see this!

In this video, I’m going to show you what a REAL cold prospecting call should look like. Check it out!

So, there you have it: an actual phone sales call done the right way. I want to hear from you. What did you notice in the call that was different from or similar to what you do? Be sure to share below in the comments section. I’ll respond to every single comment that I can get to.

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Comments (118)

  • The greatest phone salesman I ever heard and no shit dude was a magician 80% closing on ad sales also zooted on some sort of speed possibly meth or coke he was so valuable to the company he would come to work in shorts and flip flops sit in his corner office and dial maybe six people sell four or five swear to god he would just call up and be like "Is this the number 1 boat retailer in the country" (it's some hole in the wall shit) and then he'd be like I could tell by the confidence in your voice HAHAHAH the whole time laughing hysterically at seemingly nothing he was short fat and bald then he'd say really dramatically "what I've got here is then he'd describe the product and say how amazing it's performing for others then say wouldn't that be amazing if it had your name on it. then he'd I swear to god just say give me second to find the form so i can write down the credit card number and say go ahead with it. I put it on my life he did this shit everyday and our office had a rule that when you sell two contracts you could leave for the day dude never stayed past lunch on my fucking life I've never seen some shit like that and mind you he's cracking up laughing the whole time at nothing. I doubt it's repeatable just thought I'd share literally the best I've seen and I've sold my whole life all over the country for about ten years now.

    master cobra - 1 week ago

  • Let me give you a real example. any of those sound true to you? Look man I don't want your shit BEEEEP proceed to dial 400 more times. Phones are so hostile in modern times I literally just make ten stops in person a day ask to see the motherfucker. Phones are ruthless in 2018

    master cobra - 1 week ago

  • Ya ok bud

    patrick bateman - 1 week ago

  • Cringe

    Cameron Devlin - 1 week ago

  • not a real call fuck off

    chris bennett - 1 week ago

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