5 Easy Cold Calling Sales Techniques

- March 25, 2018



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Does the thought of cold calling leave you quaking in your boots? Have you always wanted to have a super polished sales technique, but didn’t know where to start? In this video Kim Constable of the WAHM Network shares five amazingly simple steps that you can take to make cold calling easy, and hone a polished sales technique. Never be afraid of cold calling again! If you enjoyed the video please subscribe and share it with your friends. Please also leave a comment and share your best ever sales technique.

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  • please turn your volume up

    Eric Williams - 1 month ago

  • Thank you for this Kim, great content - I have about 2 decades of experience in a Call Center Sales Environment and can vouch that if you can learn to be great at telesales, you truly can make a signifiant amount of money with less work. I just uploaded some content on my page that dives deeper into modernized sales techniques in a modern call center, please let me know what you think?

    @SalesRemastered - 6 months ago

  • Do the calls in the morning so they get the calls? Genius

    Devon Fitzpatrick - 6 months ago

  • You must be a fan of Marie Folero. Good job you sound like her.

    Virginia S. Oton - 8 months ago

  • Love love love love
    love love love love

    Waseem Ahmed - 9 months ago

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